Wall Art

Fisherman Sleeps on Sundays

Available mediums

Hahnemühle Luster, PhotoFast Glossy, Photo-Tex Canvas

Available sizes (cm)
  • 100×50, 160×80, 220×110
  • 120×80, 180×120, 240×160
Edition of 50

The serene environment of national parks is always a great way to reconnect with nature. When I spent a weekend near Rácalmás at the Duna-Ipoly National Park, Saturday had wild weather with heavy rain and thunderstorms, but shortly before dawn it all passed. On Sunday, I raised with the sun to capture the lake at its calmest.

A wood paneled room can greatly benefit from the earthy tones of the image, lending the space a warm, cozy feel. It can also warm up the colder nature of more modern interiors.