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Men’s Fashion Photoshoot Downtown Budapest

On a Lovely October afternoon, we set out to shoot the auntum/winter collection of Loft Outlet. It is my long time favourite Italian style men’s fashion store in Budapest, Hungary. The location was Szabadság tér and a very cool interior design store called Point One. The models and stylists were – as always – the good people from Loft. So, let us do a fashion photoshoot downtown!

Loft is great in suits too, but what I really like is their selection of semi-casual fashion. Pieces of clothing that are elegant, but still very wearable and confortable. If you’re used to wearing jeans and t-shirts, it is just a tiny step to pick up a shirt and a coat, but it makes a world of a difference. This is what I believe in, and this is where they come in. When I need to freshen up or want to add a special something to my wardrobe.

If you want to buy something useful, then choose a piece that will complement your existing wardrobe, and build your collection this way.

Gergely Kun @LoftOutlet (paraphrasing/translating)

Some tech stuff ..

There were a few very cool moments during this shoot. One was at a staircase. It has a lovely grey texture where I set up all three of my models. I could’ve shot these in color as well, but somehow that curved wall called for black and white. I put my smaller, 72cm octabox on the first floor beaming down on the models.

Another was when I used my 14mm super-wide to capture one of my models. I went really low for this bug’s eye perspective. Using the extreeme distortion of the lens I managed to make the model taller than the buildings. The very buildings that had excellent lines and created a natural border for this central composition. This became one of my most iconic fashion images.

Gear used

  • Nikon D750
  • Nikon 105mm f2.8 Macro
  • Nikon 85mm f1.8
  • Nikon 24-70mm f2.8
  • Samyang 14mm f2.8
  • Jinbei 600W mobile strobe
  • Octaboxes: 72cm + 150cm

While this shoot was in 2018, there may a few pieces left of these awsome pieces that you can pick up at crazy low prices, or check out the new collections if you want something up to date!

If you are a fashion designer, a clothing company or a store wanting to sell more and more fabulous items, you may need a fashion photographer! If so, contact me!

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Hotel Mystery Fashion Editorial

What? You mean there is a hotel in that building? Okay, the front is nicely remodeled, yeah, there are new windows now that you mention it, but … WOW! – I entered in Mystery Hotel Budapest with a few professionals just a few days before the official opening, so that I can get a glimpse of the place I’m going to shoot the spring portfolio of Loft Outlet in 2019. I know this might be a pun, and it is not intended, but the interior designers really made magic. The whole place is just awsome!

The place had a troubled history and without going into details, it was always connected with superstition, so it was a no brainer to turn its haunted history into an advantage. Rooms are themed, so whichever one you book, you’re sure to be surprised. Colors, wall arts and furniture are all carefully picked and restored or created in a unique style that will be talking about it for a long time.

This stylish interior gave a great base of operation for our photoshoot. The wild colors and patterns of the walls complemented the Italian design clothes the models were wearing.

We had a car, a Maserati Ghibli from the good people of Wallis. We also had a cinematographer recording out photoshoot!

Some tech stuff ..

The hotel opened its gate about a month before the shoot, and I had the privilage to see it before. It was an invaluable experience, because I already had an idea where I’d want to take pictures on the live photoshoot. I had a glimpse of the lighting conditions, but I knew I’d need my trusty 600W mobile studio strobe for this work.

This was the first shoot since I moved from Nikon to Sony. I bought minimal gear to speed up the shooting process. An ultrawide and a short telephoto was all that I needed to capture these images.

Gear used

  • Sony A7iii
  • Sony-Zeiss 16-35mm f4
  • Sony 85mm f1.8
  • Jinbei 600W mobile strobe
  • Octaboxes: 72cm + 150cm

And now, feel free to browse through the images!


Men’s Fashion shoot in New York City

When I visited New York in early 2019, I knew I had to squeeze in a couple of photoshoots. One of these was with a young talent called Bo Ale, a fashion model and actor from Puerto Rico. After shooting a lot of caucasian models in Italian style in Europe, I wanted to do something completely different! So I needed a latino model in a classic suit with a bow tie, smoking cigars in one of the most iconic part of the city Greenwich Village. Next to some of the worlds best jazz clubs and underground bars that helped to form multiple generations of artists from Hancock to Hendrix.

When I’m shooting for myself, I like to do another, completely different look. So we waited until dark, then teleported from New York City to Gotham. Photographing in the dark city was inspired by movies we grew up with. Private eye stories, goverment agents, scenes from the Matrix. Then we ended up exhausted on Times Square where we concluded our tour.

” New York has a bluish tint that you cannot measure, still you feel it.”

You can use the same coffee beans in the same type of an espresso machine anywhere else in the world, and you won’t even get near the one you get in Italy. The same goes for the lights in New York. You can use the same camera in the same weather anywhere else, and you won’t get that special color of light that you experience there. New York has a bluish tint that you cannot measure, still you feel it.

Bo is an awsome talent. He stars in films, adverts and regularly does fashion shoots in studio and outdoors as well. Photo only models may know a lot of poses, but they just don’t have the facial expressions an actor has. A good actor can not only convey a message, but tell a story with body language alone that can really add to the value of the production.

I just can’t wait to be back in the Big Apple once again. There are just so many locations that are waiting for me still. It would really take a lifetime to really live the experience, so I leave it to others, travelling to other fabulous places as well.

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Fashion shoot at Loft HQ

Oh, how I love visiting Loft Outlet! If fact in the last couple of years I bought pretty much every single pair of my jackets, trousers and shirts at this shop. During these shopping sprees I got to know the guys and their unique approach to men’s fashion. This is why I was really excited, when Gergely Kun (an awsome guy by the way) commisioned me to shoot an editorial of the auntum collection of 2019 around the building.

Fashion Photograpgy Hungary - Man in Italian style suits look left
Fashion Photograpgy Hungary – Man in Italian style suits look left

While it was October, the sun was searing like crazy. All my lights were struggling to keep overpowering the sun. At least that was what they were supposed to be doing, but most of the times I relied purely on sunshine and shade. Luckily the three guys I was photographing were there to help me if I had to move anything. Photographing male talents has it’s perks.

” Shooting at a location like this had its challenges. ”

Shooting at a location like this had its challenges. It was next to impossible to leave distracting elements out of the compositions, so I started using them as props. The color of the walls, sides of vans, railings are a great example.

Due to the insane light, I had to get creative with the depth of field as it was impossible to shoot at an open apperature as I usually do. In return, the images are crisp clear and sharp. All the colors came out lively and real.

Wardrobe was awsome as always. Strait out of Italy, these pieces of fashion never fails to amaze me. As the shoot was just a day after the new shipment was opened, they were very new. I already know what I’ll take home next time I visit the store!

I love models that have a connection to the brand they are modelling for. In this case, the three guys actually work for the company. They have decades of combined experience styling men. This was a shoot where we certainly did not need a stylist.

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Polett’s Portraits

I had a dark period in the winter of 2016. And of 2015. And 2017. And just about every winter, I’m quite depressed and need a photoshoot where I can express these emotions. This is where Polett came in.

We explored light and dark moods. Of course, it turned out that everything is gray in the end. Still there are excellent emotions in these portraits.

I just recently started using the Fujifilm X system, and I really loved how the camera and the lenses gave me that feeling that I was missing since the film days. My Nikon gear is like a race car, and sometimes I like to take it slow. The film simulation in these cameras are excellent as well.

The following image is my favourite and I’ve been winning photo contests with it ever since:

Almost all of the images I captured could work great in black and white, but still I had to retain color information. The use of a restricted palette is enough for me to convey my message and usually I don’t need to force my pictures to shades of gray.

All of the pictures were taken in a loft style studio with huge windows, so I didn’t have to worry about studio lighting. I cannot recommend this setup to any aspiring photographers enough who’d like to create intimate, personal portraits.

The pictures were taken in G3 Studio Budapest.

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Death Tunnel Portrait

Do you know the Death Tunnel in Budapest? I took Barbara there for an episode of my 5 minute street fashion portrait series.

It was an experiment. I talked to my client for 5 minutes, took some pictures for 5 minutes, then talk 5 more. So the whole thing took 15 minutes. I wanted to learn how to take great portraits of completely unknown people in a relatively short time. I have a lot of these, but only some are special. Like this.

What makes this series special is that it was taken in the Death Tunnel, a pedastrian tunnel under the Nyugati Pályaudvar (western railway station) in Budapest, Hungary that lets you cross undern the railway lines. It probably got its name from the tunderous rumble the trains make when they roll over it. I wanted to catch the expression on Barbi’s face, I wanted to take the shots when the train rumbled. Of course only a few came, but the feeling is clearly visible on her face.

Enjoy the pictures!

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Loft fashion portrait with Vio

I love Loft studios, and finally I shot an episode of my dark portrait series in one! The studio is in Óbuda, Budapest, in an old industrial park, so it seemed to be a perfect location.

I met Vio at a workshop a few years ago, and now she was looking for a photographer for a dark portrait series. I was more than up for the challenge as my winter mood really needed me to “shoot out” my worries. So we met in a studio somewhere in Budapest, Hungary. She is a skilled make-up artist, so we didn’t need to waste time for face painting.

I wanted to use the huge windows for the natural light. We agreed to meet at sunset, as even through windows, the light is much-much better. I loved how that contributed to our session.