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A Concert Documentary

Shooting a concert in documentary style was something that I always wanted to shoot. A few years ago I got my first chance of it, when Ozone Mama and some other band was playing at Barba Negra track. Only the small stage was open, and while quite a few people showed up, it wasn’t a mega concert. Fortunately who did show up went crazy, and the place was almost packed!


I tried to create memories that would bring back the feeing being there. I focued on storytelling. The interactions between the band and the fans, and also friendship and tensions between band members. I hope you will find the small nuances that I accidentaly or deliberately left in the image that make it tell a story.

When I’m back from a photoshoot, I throw out all the files that are technically bad. They are blurry or the composition is very off. And I do this on the memory card, I don’t even copy them anywhere! Then I import them to my project onto my computer and go through each picture and see if they tell a story or not, how much does this picture worth to me personally and to my client? How much further does this image let me towards my goal of delivering what I was commisioned for? This grants the image a number from 1 to 5. I never hand over images that are 1 or 2. If I can manage, I only use grade 4-5. If it helps to move the story forward, I include a couple of 3s, but rarely.

”Shoot what you want, how you want to”

It is really important to shoot for yourself, not just the client. Of course, if you’re getting paid, you have to deliver what the client orders, but if your product has a certain plus, it will definetaly add to the value your clients are getting. So look for micro-stories next time you’re on the job.

Looking back

Now as I look back to this concert documentary, I can feel the summer heat and the blast of vintage rock n’ roll. It was one of my best experiences as a music photograper.

This was exactly what my client asked of me, so I delivered.

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Portraits Story

Winter is Here!

What do you get when you add two badass photographers? Sick pictures of course. This is one of the reasons I like to work with my friend, an amazing photographer, poet, model, sportsman and all around joker.

A freestlye studio project in the winter is like sunshine. It gives you life after the harsh realities of the job you do everyday. Even if that is photography as well. That is why I became enthusiastic about this project Dani mentioned. It involved him as a model. We’d do a fashion shoot, then we’d loose our sanity and paint his face.

The shots were inspired by existing photos, but I already knew I wouldn’t be able to copy other photographers, so I let it go, and do the stuff I’m good at. Fun fact: The concept was a black and white series, so the picture style in my camera was set B/W. However when I started looking at the colors in the negatives I decided that I’m gonna stick to the color versions. Of course I edited them. After a basic edit, I changed the color scheme to be a bit more dramatic and cinematic. Obviously I have to show you a black and white image that I played around with, adding a logo, so it resembles a magazine ad.

At the second part of the shoot the face paint came on. As it was our first time applying such a thing, it took a bit more time than we anticipated, but we had time to do some shots with them. Now that I see the color versions, I’ll insist using color face paint next time.

You can reach Dani at:

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Polett’s Portraits

I had a dark period in the winter of 2016. And of 2015. And 2017. And just about every winter, I’m quite depressed and need a photoshoot where I can express these emotions. This is where Polett came in.

We explored light and dark moods. Of course, it turned out that everything is gray in the end. Still there are excellent emotions in these portraits.

I just recently started using the Fujifilm X system, and I really loved how the camera and the lenses gave me that feeling that I was missing since the film days. My Nikon gear is like a race car, and sometimes I like to take it slow. The film simulation in these cameras are excellent as well.

The following image is my favourite and I’ve been winning photo contests with it ever since:

Almost all of the images I captured could work great in black and white, but still I had to retain color information. The use of a restricted palette is enough for me to convey my message and usually I don’t need to force my pictures to shades of gray.

All of the pictures were taken in a loft style studio with huge windows, so I didn’t have to worry about studio lighting. I cannot recommend this setup to any aspiring photographers enough who’d like to create intimate, personal portraits.

The pictures were taken in G3 Studio Budapest.

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Maternity session in Amsterdam

I visited Amsterdam in The Netherlands to shoot a maternity session. Unfortunately my plane was late and the weather was overcast, so I had to get creative to use all the light I could in a charming house on the bank of a Gracht in the historic part of the city. Fortunately the soon-to-be mom and dad were so happy and welcoming that the images turned out much better than I expected. I was already so happy with the knowledge that the baby would be born to such a loving family.

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Death Tunnel Portrait

Do you know the Death Tunnel in Budapest? I took Barbara there for an episode of my 5 minute street fashion portrait series.

It was an experiment. I talked to my client for 5 minutes, took some pictures for 5 minutes, then talk 5 more. So the whole thing took 15 minutes. I wanted to learn how to take great portraits of completely unknown people in a relatively short time. I have a lot of these, but only some are special. Like this.

What makes this series special is that it was taken in the Death Tunnel, a pedastrian tunnel under the Nyugati Pályaudvar (western railway station) in Budapest, Hungary that lets you cross undern the railway lines. It probably got its name from the tunderous rumble the trains make when they roll over it. I wanted to catch the expression on Barbi’s face, I wanted to take the shots when the train rumbled. Of course only a few came, but the feeling is clearly visible on her face.

Enjoy the pictures!

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Loft fashion portrait with Vio

I love Loft studios, and finally I shot an episode of my dark portrait series in one! The studio is in Óbuda, Budapest, in an old industrial park, so it seemed to be a perfect location.

I met Vio at a workshop a few years ago, and now she was looking for a photographer for a dark portrait series. I was more than up for the challenge as my winter mood really needed me to “shoot out” my worries. So we met in a studio somewhere in Budapest, Hungary. She is a skilled make-up artist, so we didn’t need to waste time for face painting.

I wanted to use the huge windows for the natural light. We agreed to meet at sunset, as even through windows, the light is much-much better. I loved how that contributed to our session.