Concepts and Stories

Storytelling photography is something that I was always facinated about. How does a picture tell a thousand words? While working hard on the solution, I found I’m getting closer! The posts you find in this part of the website tend to be less professional, they are more about me any my quest for the truth, than a specific client.

Fishing photography in Portugal

Collecting fish in Portugal

I love animals and nature. I’m especially passionate about educating people, so we can make our environment sustainable together. This is one of the reasons I teamed up with Flying Sharks, a Portugese company dedicated to contribute to this effort by collecting fish and transporting to facilities like big, public aquariums. Documenting the humane handling of these animals is one of my personal projects.

Photo story Mauthausen Concentration Camp

Telling stories that provoke thoughts

By visiting sites of great historic importance, I try to understand people and the stories behind the decisions that shaped our present. When creating a photo story of the visible things, I try to relive what happened there from all angles and perspectives. This make my stories unique and compelling.

A shade of darkness

Conceptional photoshoots

From the dawn of time the definition of art was always changing. Just one property was constant. You have to have a concept, creating art must be a conscious act. Following this train of thought, ‘why’ is always a valid question. In my conceptional photoshoots I try to materialize a thought or a feeling that is frequently on my mind. It might be named or it might just be implied, but it is there.

Another shade of gray

A shade of darkness

You have to have darkness to see the light. While it is vital to have light to make a photograph, it is equally important to have shadows that define shape and form. This is why I started this portrait project. By showing neither happiness nor sadness, I get a glimpse of our state of mind that covers most of our existence.

Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.

Andy Warhol

As you could see, these things are really not something that can be considered applied photography, but if you have a job, one that is really interesting, something that would make me jump and book the first plane there, please don’t hesitate.

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