Corporate photography

Working as a full time professional photographer makes you an enterpreteur. You have your own brand, your company. You need to show your image, pixel perfect in every way. The same goes for every for profit enterprise. You need to advertise, you need to sell to make money. You need to present your company, so that the best talents work for you. You need to document how great you are. This is where we come in! 🙂

Business Event Photography

Coorporate event photography

If you have a conference, a christmas party, a sports day at work, or if you want to document your company’s day out, we can surely help. We have a team of dedicated photographers that love to shoot events. In Hungary or anywhere else in Europe, we are always ready, travelling is not an issue.

Best Business Portrait Headshot in Budapest

Business portraits and headshots

I started Headshots BP when I realized how may people look their worst on LinkedIn. Teaming up with the Headshot Crew of Peter Hurley, I perfected the art of business headshots.

Best Executive Business Portrait

Executive Portraits and Personal Brands

If you have a personal brand then strenghen it with a professional photoshoot. Let’s create a concept together that will draw the attention of your clients! If you’re an executive, you need to have a portfolio you can use in publications and the media. This is exactly what we can provide you with.

Best enterior photography of a Coffee shop

Architecture and interior photography

If your dream has come true and you open your first coffee shop or gym, you need to have it photographed by a professional. Same goes for construction companies, especially one that want to sell the building to customers. We can also document the different phases of building to create wall prints, books or catalogues to strenghen your brand.

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John D. Rockefeller Jr.

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