Destination Wedding Photography

Over the years, I had the privilige to experience the most beautiful days of the most beautiful people.

Photo: New York City

Weddings in Switzerland are so uniqe.

Photo: Lucerne, Switzerland

I document weddings of people who come to Hungary for something different. May it be the cultural heritage, the rich history that surrounds you or the wild parties and impressive gastronomical challenges.

Photo: Budapest, Hungary

What if it rains? Then we turn the weather to our advantage! There is so much beauty in photographing in such dramatic environments.

Photo: Countryside, Hungary

A seaside wedding is so accessible nowdays. Having your big day on a beach can be just a few hours of travel, but rewards you with an experience all will envy.

Photo: Pag, Croatia

”I’m usually approached by couples who live an active lifestyle”

Our creative photoshoots very often include bikes, hiking, guitars, divers, motorbikes and a lot of travelling.

It is as important for me to get to know you as it is important for you to know me. This is why we consult regularly about the wedding. This is the reason we meet for a fun engagement photoshoot.

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”
— Annie Leibovitz


Wedding packages start at just €1600. This includes:

  • Me, personally photographing your event for 8 consecutive hours at a location of your choosing.
  • All the best images, each meticulously color corrected by hand personally.
  • Images will be sent to you over the internet in two weeks. No more.
  • High quality originals will be mailed to your door on a top quality USB stick.

Please note that travel and accomodation is not included.

Ask for a Quote Today! Availability is limited!

Just the ceremony: 1 hourThe ceremony and some creatives: 4 hoursStandard highlights of a wedding: 8 hoursFull blown wedding photography: 12 hoursExtra long hours: 14+, days