Men’s Fashion Portraits

Fashion is a playground up until a certain age. But then you have to find your own signature and your own style.

Nicolas Ghesquière
Man in vest sitting in bathtub

A hairdresser can cut a man’s hair, even his beard if asked to, but still you visit a barber for the quality, expertise and experience. I’m a barber of photography, delilvering special value to men’s clothing.

Always looking for that someting special to spice up the shots that will sell your products.

Stylish fashion models looking at watches

In this year, Italian fashion is all about contrast and color. We take great care to keep colors true to life in our imagery, so your clients know exactly what they’ll get.

The suits look just like they were designed to look.

Fashion man sits in suit

Professional models, lighting and make-up add a ton to the value of the production. We provide high-end retouching services to bring you the ultimate fashion experience.

Bring your own models or choose from one from our partner agencies.

Latin Americal gentleman smoking a sigar in front of a bar in New York City

Location is everything. The yellow sign of a Greenwhich Village bar in New York City complements the cigar smoking model showing off the glasses, shirt and bow tie.

We work internationally.

Fashion photoshoots

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