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Your production deserves a professional image. Will you get the most out of your visuals?

Promo photoshoots on special locations

If you need to introduce your band, it is vital to create photos that will capture your audience! Doesn’t matter if used on promotions, social media or print, these images make you look your best!

Standard pricing
First hour: €100, additional hours: €50, up to 6 hours. *

Save the best moment of your concerts

Get excellent shots documenting your finest performances! From shooting one gig at any location to hireing your own tour photographer, we do it all!

Concert pricing
Small gigs (<45 mins): €50, big gigs (45-90 mins): €80, festivals (<2 hours): €50/hour *

Fan-band relations, documentary images

We tell stories about your fans, capture moments that you may never been aware of. Showing your connection to your audience is a primary job of a documentarist music photographer.

See concert pricing!

Photographic album covers

We shoot album covers as well! From portrait, through conceptualized art to abstracts, let us help you to manifest your ideas professionally!

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Photography is like sex. You know the ending. So how can you make it interesting?

Fer Juaristi

” If there is anyone on Earth who understands musicians is another musician. ”

There is something that I learned in my 20+ years of doing business in the world of music: If there is anyone on Earth who understands musicians is another musician. The same goes for promoters, graphic artists and entrepreneurs in general. The thing is that we are all of those. Each of our photographers are musicians and doing their own businesses. They travel. They hang out at festivals. So are our graphic designers. We love what we do and it shows.

To be 100% sure I deliver a piece of work that is absolutely in line with the heart of the artist doing music photography, there are a lot of assignments I personally pass on. When I feel that I can’t tell the story as it was ment to be, or if my visual work wouldn’t complement the performance, I usually refer one of my colleagues in our syndicate who I know would be perfect for the task.

”I consider myself a rock photographer. ”

You know what? I consider myself a rock photographer. Even if I’m shooting jazz or classical related work. Even weddings! That is what makes the whole thing interesting. Creating a visual story that is distrupting in a good way, of course. If the event needs more photographers, there is a pretty good chance that I can choose from a variety of professionals who complement my work, so that no moment is lost.

Some of my favourite work

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* Studio, travel and accomodation cost is not included. Travel is free within the boundaries of Budapest and Szentendre.