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Planning getting married in Hungary?


Engagement photo in Budapest

Are you an expat in Hungary or a Hungarian coming home?


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Would you like a Hungarian pro at your home town ?


Wedding Photography specialized in weddings in Hungary!

Specializing in destination wedding photography, I’m your best solution to whether you are planning your wedding in Hungary or in your hometown, you’ll have the whole event covered!

You can meet me in Budapest or Szentendre for your FREE wedding photography consultation

Let’s jump into a café or a pub for a drink and tell me all about your wedding! You’ll see my portfolio, fine-art albums and you’ll gain an insight what my photography is all about! We’ll also talk about how I can help you have a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience on your wedding day.

Alternatively we can just set up a Skype call and get things going. It won’t be that personal, but I can answer all your questions and you can decide if we’re the right team for the job.

Wedding picture in Budapest Hungary taken by wedding photograper

Your wedding photography package contains

  • Enjoy up to 14 hours of photography coverage in the city of your choice.
  • Documentation of your whole wedding story from getting ready to the reception.
  • An exclusive metal USB pendrive with all the best pictures.
  • An exquisite and huge, 30x30cm, 30 page, hand-made custom coffeetable photobook with the cover and content of your choice.
  • Photographer’s travel is included within the borders on Hungary.
  • Excellent daily rates!
  • You can choose to have your engagement photoshoot made in Hungary or abroad as a gift!

Even more:

  • We specialize in museum quality wall-art that is a fine addition to your apartment or serve as a perfect gift.
  • You can upgrade your fine-art wedding album to the family wedding album collection that contains two smaller, parental albums as a thank you gift for those who help you make your dream wedding come true.
  • To commemorate your enagement shoot, you have the option to order a photo book of the best images created there.

Wedding in Hungary

If you plan your wedding in Hungary, we can help you in recommending great locations for the photoshoots. If you have something in mind, we probably already know the venue and the scenic places around that area. If you’d like to do the formal photoshoots on a separate day, that is fine with us, we’ll do that with no extra cost!

Of course we know all of Budapest and the lovely surrounding towns such as Szentendre. If you’re not the urban type, let’s not talk Budapest. The countryside is gorgeous as well. We have Lake Balaton or lovely wine regions. We can visit hills or castles. If you want some action, we can go sailing or visit a race track!

As we have an extensive network of professional service providers, we can help you book a venue, a make up artist or even a band! We also have wedding organizers, who will do everything for you.

All transportation is included in the price, so you’ll never have to worry about additional costs!

Wedding in your home country

We also travel. A lot. So if you choose to have your wedding at home, it is still a good idea to book someone from Hungary. Travel costs are pretty reasonable for us to travel to your location. We can meet for the consultation, for the engagement session and whenever you have a question, we can be right by your side to help. It is so much easier to talk personally then through Skype or the phone, somehow it is a superior experience.

If you worry about costs, do not. In fact our rates are usually better than photographers from Western-Europe even with transportation and accommodation costs addded. As we’ve been to a lot of places around the world, we are quite familiar with the sights and the lighting conditions, so we can deliver the same quality of work with lower cost.

Wedding photographer in Hungary for expats

The way of the photographer

Debreczi János Gergely You’ll know me very well when I’ll document your wedding. After you request an offer, I’ll arrange your free wedding photography consultation. In this 60 to 90 minute meeting, I’ll invite you to a Café and we’ll talk about your wedding over a drink to two. We’ll discuss the timeline of the big day, go through all the events, figure out how all of that will fit in our schedule. We’ll also decide on the best wedding photography package. You’ll get to know me and my style of work and flip through the fine-art wedding albums showcasing my portfolio. The consultation would not be complete without the discussion of the wedding venue and other service providers accenting how we can use their features to our advantage.

The next time we’ll meet is your free and compulsory engagement photo session. You can view this as a romantic date that I’ll be photographing. During this time, you’ll get to know me more and the way I work, while I study your body language and learn what you are comfortable doing on a photoshoot. We’ll develop a bond that will really help us create beautiful and unique images on your wedding day. This usually takes place around Budapest or Szentendre, but if the timing is right, we can travel all over Europe, or even overseas! You’ll also receive a slideshow from the best pictures taken. This short film can be shown during your wedding reception!

Because of the meetings mentioned before, I won’t be a complete outsider when your wedding day comes. You’ll experience, how much better it is to have a photographer, who follows you all day is not a stranger any more. After I documented you getting ready, get emotional at the ceremony, look fantastic on your creative formal photoshoot and rock out on your party at the reception, I’ll work on your pictures for a few weeks. This time is needed so that I present you with images that you’ll adore forever.

When I’m done editing, you’ll get an invitation to my studio to watch a slideshow of the bes photos. You can choose all the options for your hand made fine-art photo book, including the cover, paper type, size, the number of pages and the number of books required for parents, your best man or maid of honor. You can even choose the images for your book immediately or select them at home, as you wish. You can also order artwork for you home, as we have a fine selection of canvas and photographic print options avaliable.

When the album is complete we’ll meet once more so that I can hand you the finished works of art and see the smiles on your faces as you melt while paging though your new family’s first heirloom. 🙂

Expat wedding photography in Budapest Hungary

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